The Shore Line


Early on, Liz Miller identified students, educators, and youth as her primary target audience for her interactive documentary The Shore Line. To reach this audience she felt she needed to involve youth partners and protagonists who were relatable and inspiring. As a result, The Shore Line is made up of forty-three short films and a third of the people profiled are youth organizers or educators.


Liz Miller developed The Shore Line with a specific target audience in mind: teachers invested in sustainability. She developed an advisory team early on and thought carefully about how to involve educators at each stage of the project. With a graduate student, she developed a prototype to help understand how teachers might use and navigate the material. Her advisory team became so familiar with the prototype, they were reluctant to advance to the next stage. In the end, Liz decided to keep both projects live and adapted the early prototype into an open blog space while the final project was locked in.