Impact is about the kind of change that you hope to inspire through a project and it is a helpful way to articulate your goals. What do you aspire to do with the project? Do you want to build new relationships? Change a law? Educate a target audience? Shift a behavior? What is/are the desired impact/s of your work? Who will benefit? What is the most important outcome you are seeking, and how will you strive to achieve it? What kind of change do you want to see as a result of the project? Does impact happen during, after, or in every stage of your project? Are your efforts focused on the process or the final product? What is the unique contribution of the project? It is helpful to discuss potential impact as it relates to your team and the diverse publics you might reach. How will you know that you’ve made an impact? What indicators will you look for (qualitative, quantitative)? What might you do to increase the impact?



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